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Topic: No power to heating element..

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No power to heating element..

Hi, my problem has been a lack of heat. I had overheats over the winter due to an improperly adjusted flow control and a bad run capacitor on my pump that kept it from running in low. I've fixed both of those. Now the pump starts up and runs properly in low and high and the heater indicator clicks on but there is still no heat.

I've tested the heater element, a two year old 5.5kw element, 10.5 ohms and verified that it's not grounded out to the heater housing. I removed the spa board and I de-soldered and tested the heater relays, one was faulty and I found some blown traces, which I attempted to repair then I replaced both of the relays. I measured 220v from each of the element terminals to ground but no power from terminal to terminal.
I broke down and purchased a new rebuilt board but unfortunately, the new board exhibits the same results. Heat indicators click on but no heat. 220v on each of the terminals to ground but no voltage from terminal to terminal. New board, proper water flow, it has be the element (even thought it tests fine), right? I disconnected the element again and it still tests at 10.5 ohms. I powered it back up it with the element disconnected and I get about 20-25 volts on the board from terminal to terminal. I'm at a loss, I would think it would be 220v across the terminals with nothing connected, but maybe it needs the resistance, I don't know for sure. I don't want to replace the element if it's not the problem, but what else could it be? So but I went against my better judgement (I don't really like to replace parts just for the sake of replacing them) and bought a new 5.5kw heater element. As expected, I guess, no change. No voltage across the terminals and I went ahead and left it running for a few hours, temp did not rise.
At this point my hot tub is still a cold tub and I'm starting to hear calls from my wife and kids for the purchase of a new $6k-$8k spa. I've been fighting them off, but I think they are going to get the pitchforks out if I don't get this thing working soon.
Does anyone have any advice for what I should do next to get this working? I'm at a total loss.
Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. -Andy
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Can you forward pics of your installed board to

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