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Topic: What would cause this behavior?

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What would cause this behavior?

We have a used Master Spas tub (unsure of the model #) and it is giving us issues.  We just got it a few weeks ago and it started having trouble about a week in.

It has 3 pumps, but the third pump is burned out.  (We knew this going in.  It was given to us by relatives who were getting a brand new tub.)  Everything else seemed to work just fine.  The heater and circ pump are relatively new.  The tub itself is around 8 years old.  6 seater.  Everything except the third pump worked when we installed it.

Then about a week or so later I went out to check the chemicals and saw that the circ pump had shut off and the temp was dropping.  I reset the tub and it basically did nothing.  Pumps wouldn't come on.  Water wouldn't move and the heater wouldn't heat.  However, the control panel appeared normal.  No error codes or anything amiss.

I called someone local for service and when he came the next day, the tub had decided to start working again.  Jets ran, heater worked, circ pump was operating normally.  Just as he was packing up to leave though, this thing started to freak out.

The jets kept kicking on and off non-stop.  About every 1-2 seconds, on, off, on, off.

He said it looked like a control board issue.  We killed power to the tub.  We disconnected the pumps from the control board and turned it back on.  You could hear the relays clicking the pumps on and off, non-stop as before.

So I ordered a brand new control board for around $350.  I just installed it today and powered everything back up.  Same behavior as before!!! What could be causing this???

The only other thing he saw that might give us issues is our wiring.  The company that delivered the tub for us told me that 8/3 wire would be sufficient but my technician said it should really be 6/3.  Could the gauge of wire be causing this?  It seems unlikely to me, but I'm not an electrician or a hot tub expert.

Tim Brown
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