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Topic: Hot Tub only works with heater disconnected - HELP!

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Hot Tub only works with heater disconnected - HELP!

Good Afternoon and Happy Father's Day!  I am writing to ask for help.  My husband and I own a Aspen Hot Tub with Balboa parts.  Our nightmare started about 6 weeks ago, when we noticed our tub was not running right.  It started to continuously cycle through the start-up mode, like it was possessed.  It could never move beyond 3 minutes post-prime.  We were told that the Balboa M7 board was malfunctioning.  We had 2 options . . . replace it or have it repaired.  We opted to have it repaired.  We sent it to a guy in Arizona who reported back to us that a 5v regulator was bad.  He said he replaced it AND tested the rest of the board, which was fine.  After getting the board back, we installed it into our tub.  It certainly did not do what it did before sending it out for the board repair, but now it started blinking OHH approx. 30 seconds after PR.  Folks, the tub was 70 degrees!!  We emptied the tub, cleaned it, re-filled it, burped it, removed all airlocks, and same thing!  We replaced both heat sensors AND the heating element.  We turned it on today and now, this is what happens . . . we get the start up codes, PR, OHH, SNA, SNB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Interesting find . . .  if we disconnect the heater from the board, the hot tub works - just with no heat!!!!   Can someone please please please help us.  My hubby and I are definitely do it yourself people, but this is ridiculous.  Could the problem REALLY be the board?  Would this mean that the man who we paid to fix our board, did not complete the job?  We are both angry and frustrated, and we need help.  Thank-you in advance for help and advice.

Paul & Jamie Hamilton

St. Louis, MO

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