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Topic: Apparent Heater Failure

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Apparent Heater Failure

Hi Folks,

New to the forum and in need of some guidance in trouble shooting and sourcing.

Here's my story. I have 4 person Jacuzzi. The unit is a 120 volt 30 amp one.

The water level was a little low and my wife turned the hose on to fill it and forgot to go back and turn it off. I ran for 6 hours and as a result the ground fault at the outlet would not reset. I unplugged the Jacuzzi and the ground fault reset.

I then went and disconnected the two large leads at the heater element. Powered it all back up and ground fault did not pop.

With that, one would figure the heater is definitely bad. I removed the heater from the pipe section and took it to the garage. Looking inside, the heater coil wasn't ruptured. I put an ohm meter to it and read good continuity. I then read each heater post to case ground and they weren't shorted. So it reads good but doesn't work.

Then I take a closer look and there appears to be a white film that has peeled from the stainless tube in the area of the heater entry/exit. Could this be letting water short out the system, which is what I suspect, and if so, what product can I re-apply to seal it that will stand up to those hot conditions? I appears to be thin, opaque, and flexible where it peeled up. It would be a little difficult and untidy to apply.

The reason I am pursuing this avenue is because I am having great difficulty in sourcing a 120 volt 1kw, 1.5" x 8.5" heater. Mine has a 1/8" NPT fitting in the side too that has a pressure switch installed making it more difficult to find. I've checked a few vendors. I am going to try calling Balboa since I didn't see what I was looking for on their site.

Any clues or paths to pursue would be appreciated.


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