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Topic: Weslo Spa GFCI Breaker Information Video How To from The Spa Guy

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Weslo Spa GFCI Breaker Information Video How To from The Spa Guy

The GFCI Breaker system is a very simple system and works very well if you wire it correctly from the beginning. If you have a hot tub that you just wired up and you know it ran before you moved it or it is a new hot tub then most likely the electrician did not wire it correctly. The Neutral (White) wire that goes from the GFCI breaker box to the hot tub control has to be hooked to the GFCI breaker neutral lug itself. There is usually a White dot next to the lug you tie the neutral wire to. The ground (Green or Copper) wire is not an option. It has to be tied from the ground lug in the house feed breaker box to the ground lug in the GFCI box then to the ground lug in the hot tub controller that is ties to the heater tube which touches the water. If this ground is left off then you will have voltage in the water and it can be dangerous. The voltage in this case will not be full line voltage it will be partial based on the brand of the GFCI breaker. If you have full line voltage then you have more than one thing wrong at the same time. The reason it would have to be two things wrong is if there is 125 Line Volts in the water then the GFCI cannot be working correctly or it would be tripping. Second there has to be something wrong that is allowing 125 Volts in the water. An example would be I had a Hydrospa with 125 Volts in the water and the GFCI breaker was wired correctly in the box. I traced the wires back and found that the ground wire in the feed breaker box in the garage was never tied to the ground lug in the box. When I tied the ground lug in the breaker tripped right away of course. then I had to trace the cause of the GFCI trip. I Found a bad check valve on the water line to the ozonator. It had allowed the water to get into the ozonator and short the water to the 125V power side of the ozonator. I unplugged the ozonator and the gfci set and the tub ran no problem. I replaced the check valve and the ozonator and the Voltage in the water issue was solved. The Black and Red Hot Wires from the house breaker box run from the breaker in the feed box to the GFCI in the outside GFCI Box then to the black and red lugs or lugs marked Line 1 & 2 in the control box. Hope This Helps!! Check out our other information in this forum!! Thanks, The Spa Guy 


The Spa Guy

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