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Topic: Spa Fitting removal

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Spa Fitting removal

I have a Keys Backyard Spa (Magellan Model KB331Dx).  It is approximately 10 years old. Today I drilled out the 1/2" flex water line that goes into the fitting, because the fitting was leaking where the pipe went into it.  I accidentally cracked the fitting from the bottom up about 1/4". I went ahead and glued it back in anyway.  If it leaks when I fill the hot tub up and turn it on, I will have to replace the fitting.  Can these fittings be purchased and how difficult are they to replace on this spa?  I have never done this before. Does the part inside the hot tub (the cap I guess) come off  If so, how do you remove it?   Also, these fittings have air lines on them.  How do you remove the air line, and is it very difficult to do so?  I figure I will have to remove the air line where it attaches to the fitting in order to remove the fitting from the hot tub.  Would it help to include an image of the fitting as it is now, attached to hot tub?

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