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Topic: Individual Composite Cabinet Planks for Cal Spa?

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Individual Composite Cabinet Planks for Cal Spa?

Just want to start by saying thank you for all of your videos!  You have saved me a few times with keeping our ancient 1980s Coleman kicking throughout the years and more recently helping my brother diagnose problems on his...rebuilt a few pumps, new bearings, wet ends, leaks, etc...

Now for my most recent issue.  We just got a new to us 2005 Cal Spa in great shape to replace our old Coleman.  In moving it, we damaged a few of the "Smoke" colored (really dark brown) composite cabinet planks.  I found where I can order the entire front, back, left, right, corner panels... However, I just need a few of the composite planks to fix what I broke.  Maybe 5 or 6 to be perfect.  Any idea who made these or where I might find individual planks?  I've already contacted Highwood and they don't think it was their product.

Soon, I'm going to try a local dealer here to see if they have any scraps off an old unit.  I just feel horrible that I messed these up.

Thanks much,


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