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Topic: Caldera Kauai won't hold constant temperature

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Caldera Kauai won't hold constant temperature

2005 Caldera Kauai

1. Drained and refilled to proper levels

2. New filter

3. Heater circulation pump and heater working properly.

4. Jet pump works and cycles on schedule

5. All temperature settings are at actual temp.

Symptom - When powered up, the heater will heat to the selected temperature.  It may then hold temperature within 1-2 degrees for several days.  Randomly, it will shut off and the temp will begin to coast down.  It will not begin heating again unless rebooted.  Sometimes one reboot gets it going, but sometimes it takes two or three tries.  Questions:

1. What would lock out the heater lower limit restart function?

2. What sensor should be triggering the low limit heater on?

3. Is there a possibility the safety over-temp is somehow being triggered, even though the temp never exceeds the setting?

4.  If the safety over-temp is triggered, does that lock out the heater?

Thanks for any suggestions.


jack vines


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If your 2005 Caldera Kauai hot tub is not holding a constant temperature, there could be a few possible causes and troubleshooting steps you can take: smash karts

Check the water level: Ensure that the water level in the hot tub is at the appropriate level. If it's too low, it can affect the temperature regulation.

Inspect the filter: A dirty or clogged filter can restrict water flow and affect the heater's performance. Clean or replace the filter if necessary.

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