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Topic: J355 popping gcfi breaker

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J355 popping gcfi breaker

On the verge of loosing my mind!

Recently came out to my Jacuzzi J355 spa for a much needed dip, only to find the gcfi breaker had popped.   Spa has been working perfectly for last 2 years.    

I flipped breaker on, approx. 5-10 seconds later breaker popped again. After doing some quick reading on trouble shooting, I stated pulling wires.  I started with:

the heater wires....popped breaker.  reinstalled wires.

the ozone wires...turns out I didn't have a ozone system

the circulation pump...Boom!!!  Breaker did not pop.  OK, must be the circulation pump.   So I removed the circ. pump wires and reinstalled in pump 2 slot.  I turned on pump 2 and breaker popped.   Ok, must be circ pump.

I removed the pump and decided to plug in one last time and do a dry run....well the circ pump dry run didn't pop the breaker.   WTF!!!!   

OK,  so reinstalled the pump, pulled the filter, pushed water through system to  clear any air.   I flipped the breaker...pump ran for another 5/10 seconds and it popped.  no   

So, Furious now...I start looking over all components.   I notice during the intial 5/10 start up,  the screen is showing FL1 code.  I check the flow valve and find that the during start up the valve moves over to the pin, which is about the time the spa flips the breaker.   So now I am thinking its the flow valve.  I disconnected the flow valve from the spa pack.   I now have a constant FL1 code on the spa; but circ pump now runs and no breaker popping.   I have good flow, out of the heater port in the bottom of the tub.  I let it run for a couple hours, but now find the tub is not heating...




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