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Topic: hot tub out of control help please

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hot tub out of control help please

So I have a master Spa m a s 560 and recently I have lost complete control over the tub, it seems to flash several codes on start up then the screen goes blank and all 3 pumps turn on and I get nothing out of the circuit board no lights or anything on the LCD, I've come to figure out that it has the Balboa Prestige circuit board in it and figured out that the codes are actually performance analysis codes I can toggle those codes on and off on the LCD using the up and down button but still cannot control anything else, I have swapped out the cord that runs to the control panel and tested all the fuses and input power everything seems to test fine wondering if the control panel is shot because in the manual it says for the performance analysis codes

"If communication between the panel and the

motherboard is good, the rightmost value should be

changing constantly and the other values should change

only a few times a minute at most in bursts, and even less

often in the long run.

 " And on my screen the outer numbers do not change and the others are sporadic, anyone seen anything like this?

 The spa about 3 weeks ago did overheat due to clogged filters the tub was shut down filters were cleaned and turn the tub back on and everything worked fine until now,

wedge ortegel
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