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Topic: Sundance tripping breaker - pump suspect?

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Sundance tripping breaker - pump suspect?

I have a Sundance Hawthorne that is tripping the GFCI breaker as soon as the pumps turn on.  During diagnosis, I discovered when pump 1 is disconnected, it does not trip. Disconnecting pump 2 has no effect.  Also, when the pressure switch is disconnected, both pumps run, but provides FL1 error.  I replaced the pressure switch with a new one, and the trip still occurs.  Disconnecting the heater element does not affect the breaker trip.  I just replaced that pump last year, so I'd hate to think it's the pump again.

During diagnosis, I have also (none of which helped):

-          Performed the "air lock clear" procedure with a water hose.

-          Checked electrical connections throughout for corrosion or obvious shorts/loose wiring.

-          Checked breaker box for moisture.

-          Disconnected the temperature sensor on heater assembly.

-          Disconnected the spa light.

-          Disconnected the ozonator.

Any help would be appreciated.  I've  had issues with the tub in the past here and there but have always managed to identify the culprit.  Really frustrating.

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