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Topic: Brand New Pump will still not kick on. Help!

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Brand New Pump will still not kick on. Help!

I purchased the hot tub used. It is a 2009 Artesian (Island Spa) 32 Antigua and cosmetically is in great condition. I have replaced the heater element, circulation pump, and now the circuit board. I have confirmed that all is wired and grounded correctly with an electrician. Nothing is loose and everything in the circuit board is connected as it should be. The lines are clear and burped (primed). When powered up, the hot tub comes on and runs through the start up process as the manual says it should, but according to the manual, after priming, the circulation pump should start running, but it never kicks on. The heater will heat up, but the water stays in the tube and never circulates to the tub. Then I get an overheating code and the tub shuts down. 
I am thinking that the "DIP Switchbank" on the circuit board needs to be changed. The new circuit board is exactly like the old one (per specs on the Spa Pack). Switches #3 and #10 are clicked on. But I am thinking I need to click on #9 as well which I believe turns on the circulation pump. Am I wrong? Why else would the pump never kick on? Is there anything else I need to replace?
I know that your advice is probably to call a certified "Hot Tub Mechanic" and that's probably what I will do, but I am a stubborn ol' brute who feels defeated. I also feel that the solution is simple and for some reason I am just not seeing it. 
Thank you so much!!

Randy Hicks
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