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Topic: Replacing Jets

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Replacing Jets

2004 Great Lakes - Round Sunlighter Model.  Notice in the seat part with the jets on your back that when I started it up this year there were several tiny ball bearings in the seat.  Over the last two weeks when the jets are on high something is spitting them out.  I removed all 6 of the 3" spinner jets and they don't "appear" to be the culprit.  There are two 1 1/2" jets just under the tub lip that direct water flow down on your shoulders.  With the tub full I cannot get my eyes on them.  I was going to take them out to look at them thinking that they came out like the 3" ones do.  One of them is quite hard to turn at all.  The other exterior flange spins quite freely like it isn't attached to anything.  In looking at the tub info it seems that the 1 1/2" jets do not spin but are stationary.  If that is the case then I don't see the need for ball bearings in them.  I do not understand though why one is hard to turn and the other feels like it is not attached to anything.  Perhaps I have two separate problems.  In looking at Youtube videos I learned that these spinners need to be treated annually with vinegar to remove calcium buildup that prevents them from spinning.  NONE of mine spin.  They have never been cleaned.  Now I know how to care for them but where are the ball bearings coming from?  26 so far at 1/8"dia. in the last 2 weeks.






Mike Foye
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