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Topic: Pump not outputting at high speed

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Pump not outputting at high speed


I have a Morgan spa, circa 2003. Morgan was a company that mainly manufactured storage buildings, but also made hot tubs before going out of business at some point. Since they aren't listed as a brand in the forum I am posting here.

The spa hasn't been used in several years and not really well maintained, although it has been kept filled and running, and has held up well and been in working condition. After the hard winter we noticed a critter had gotten up underneath and broke one of the air manifold barbs, which was causing a slow leak. I also noticed the pump was leaking probably around the seal. I could not find anyone to come out and work on it, so I'm doing it myself. Thanks to the really great spa guy videos and parts, I think I've gotten the barb taken care of.  I first thought I would replace the seals on the pump since it was in working condition, but once I pulled it out and started to take it apart, I saw how rusted it was and knew it was beyond what I wanted to deal with. So, I ordered a new pump.  The old one was an Aqua Flo XP2 and I ordered the one that is most identical to it.

I installed the new pump, wired it up the same as the old one (I took a picture before I pulled it out), and filled the spa. Everything works as expected - except on high the jet output is the same as on low. Pressing the button to switch from low to high works - you can hear it switch, but the output is not increased.

I first thought I may have an airlock. I tried releasing air from all the joints but I didn't really find any air in the lines. So I tried draining again and refilling from the filter bucket. No difference.

I thought maybe I have an obstruction in the line. So I drained it again and disconnected the pump so I could make sure the gate valves on either side of the pump weren't broken and blocking the line. They look fine.

So that is where I currently sit. I think at this point I either have a voltage issue or a pump issue. I am almost sure the old pump was working on both speeds before I pulled it out, but I'm not 100% certain. I haven't wanted to go through the hassle of reinstalling it.

What's the next thing I should try?  I have a voltage meter but I would need some guidance about what the process is for checking the pump voltage. 

Really appreciate any suggestions.

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