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Topic: Fiber optic light lens leak

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Fiber optic light lens leak

Working on an old LA Spas Esteem 8052. 21 years old, I think?
The fiber optic light plastic lenses have aged until they've cracked. Water flows through the fiber optic cable tube, back to the bundle at the light, then back through other fiber tubes! It's the weirdest thing, and was difficult to pinpoint. 
My question is about the materials. I want to just cover the lenses with adhesive to seal them up. The lenses look to be just plastic, but the tub is acrylic covering fiberglass, I think? Aren't most tubs? I need an obviously waterproof sealant that will adhere to both materials and stay put. Any recommendations by someone who's tackled this type of thing?
The lights can't be reached from the bottom to remove or replace. They're sort of in the middle of the tub, not near the edge, and it's filled with spray foam insulation. It MIGHT be possible to dig through it, if it was flipped up on edge, but that's not happening. The whole thing might disintegrate! The last image I uploaded was to try to show how far back these lights really are.
I just want to seal up the lenses and keep on running it. Not worried about these lights.
Thank you!

Tom E Thomas
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